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Our Vision

At GREEN, the energy providing and trading company that have created by talended young people, with passion and environmental awareness, we have a vision of changing the energy world,  by offering efficient low-cost electricity  solutions, oriented to consumers'  satisfaction. 

Green Energy is our Future

Aiming to achieve a better future for the environment, we keep investing in renewable energy by applying environmentally friendly practices in our day-to-day operations. In that context, GREEN promotes energy saving, sustainable development and recycling.

It is our primary concern to ensure green growth by creating new business opportunities aiming to promote social and environmental awareness. We are planning to develop new products and services that  actively contribute to environmental protection.


In the near future, we intend to invest in electricity production from eco-friendly sources with the development of privately owned Wind Farms, Photovoltaic Systems, Small Hydroelectric Projects and Energy Production from waste and biomass