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Greek Environmental & Energy Network (GREEN), with license number 01637, was established in 2009, being one of the first Greek companies to supply and trade electrical power, after the liberalisation of the electricity market. It is part of the Vassiliades Group of companies, which is active in waste management, recycling, energy and shipping activities.

GREEN SA, quickly established itself as one of the leading company in the energy sector, representing a large number of industrial, commercial and residential consumers connected either to the low (LV) or to the medium (MV) voltage.

Respecting each and every consumer’s needs, we aim to help you cut down on your day-to-day energy expenses by offering low tariffs, transparent billing and personalized customer service. 


Openess and Development

Since its establishment, GREEN has kept growing, playing a major role in the energy sector in Greece and in the broader region of Southeast Europe.

By gaining access to new markets through new partnerships, GREEN has managed to obtain a powerful competitive advantage: offering competitive, fixed, simple tariffs , thus minimising the risk of exposure to fluctuating prices in the electricity market .

GREEN is always looking for attractive business opportunities, and is continually working to continue expanding its activities and to increase the number of satisfied and loyal customers.Customers' satisfaction is a strategic goal for the company and is the key to its future success.


Byron Vassiliades

    Chairman, Executive Board

Since the very beginning of the company’s operation in Greece, in 2009, our aim was to create an exemplary energy trading organisation achieving market leadership and enjoying financial prosperity. We set high, but realistic, goals and made a committment to providing high quality services which meet international standards.

Today, our vision is to remain innovative, to satisfy our customers and to keep growing in the Greek market and beyond.

Chr. Vasiliou - D.Bakoulis

CEO-Executive Board

GREEN started its business during a period of global economic recession and unprecedented financial crisis in Greece. Electricity costs are one of the key factors which play a decisive role, firstly in the competitiveness of the European economy and, secondly, in offering lower tarrif rates to the end consumers .


GREEN trades electricity with electricity producers, traders and suppliers, ensuring competitive prices and reliable delivery for its customers. We have established a business culture that goes beyond the Greek borders, by developing an electricity trading network and new value-added products.

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