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Frequently Asked Questions

What is GREEN and what are its activities?

GREEN is one of the first private companies engaging in the production, supply and trade of electricity in Greece. As the electricity market is liberalized now, GREEN offers top quality energy services at tariffs that are lower than current ones, thus contributing towards cutting down the operating costs of Greek businesses. Its key activities include the supply and trade of electricity.

Why should I choose GREEN as my electricity supplier?

GREEN will help your business reduce its electricity bill significantly, while at the same time enjoying top quality services.

What are the target groups of the GREEN Tarrifs;

The target groups of the GREEN Plans include all the Commercial and Industrial Businesses as well as all  domestic consumers.
GREEN offers to businesses whose premises are connected to Medium Voltage the best possible solutions following a review of their consumer profile and electric characteristics.

Does GREEN supply electricity in the entire territory of Greece?

GREEN is able to supply electricity in the entire mainland Greece and on the following islands:

  • the Ionian Islands, exclusive of Ithaca and Paxoi
  • Sporades
  • Evia
  • Andros, Tinos, Kea
  • Thasos, Samothraki
  • Salamina, Aigina, Spetses, Hydra, Poros
  • Crete
  • Rhodes

How much will I save by choosing GREEN as my electricity supplier?

The rebate granted to your business depends on the plan you have chosen and the specific conditions agreed upon, as set out in the electricity supply contract.

Why is the rebate applied to the electricity fees, instead of the total amount of the bill?

The rebate pertains to the amount charged for the electricity consumed. The fees for the National Electric Grid are controlled by the Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE) and apply to all consumers, irrespective of the Electricity Supplier they have chosen. The fees pertaining to Municipal Charges have been paid to GREEN since 1.8.2011. The fees relating to the Hellenic Radio and Television (ERT) are paid to the Hellenic Public Power Corporation (DEI).

Is there a difference in the rebates applied by GREEN depending on total monthly consumption?

There is no difference in the rebates applied by GREEN depending on total monthly consumption.

Is there a difference in the tariffs applied by GREEN between peak and non-peak hours?

There is no difference in the tariffs applied by GREEN between peak and non-peak hours.

How will the bill be sent?

You will be receiving your bill by mail or, if you wish so, by email too.

How can I pay my bill?

You can pay your bill by using any of the modes of payment listed on the website of GREEN ( and on the reverse page of the bill.

In the event of change to tariffs while the contract is still in effect, will the tariffs applied to me change at that time?

In the event of change to the electricity supply cost, GREEN has the right to adjust the current pricelists for its plans. However, customers will receive a written notification allowing a thirty (30) day deadline to accept the new pricelist or not. The new pricelist will be deemed to have been accepted by the customer, if the deadline expires without any reply sent in. In the event that a consumer does not wish to accept the new pricelist, he will terminate the contract by sending a written notice of termination to the company within 30 days.

Who should I contact if I question the reading printed on my bill?

You will send a written complaint to us and we will forward it to the competent department of DEI. We will then notify you of the reply given to us.

Who will take the readings from the meter?

“DEI Network” is responsible for taking readings for customers connected to low voltage. GREEN is looking into the possibility of installing digital “smart” meters, in cooperation with its customers. It also offers the “Reading Logging” service, which allows each customer to inform us of the readings of his meter, so as to get rid of interim Electricity Bills based on estimates.

Is there a possibility of discrimination and power cutoff only for the customers of GREEN, but not for the customers of PPC?

There cannot be, and there is not, any distinction between different groups of customers, as the Grid is common, irrespective of the electricity supplier of each individual customer.

Where there is a blackout in my area, will I be affected too, given that I am a customer of GREEN?

As the Grid is common, a blackout will affect all consumers in the area, including you, irrespective of their electricity supplier.

Why would a HEDNO technician visit my premises, given that I am a customer of GREEN?

Because DEI is still responsible for the Grid, whereas GREEN is an electricity supplier that is not responsible for the Distribution Grid and does not own it.

Who will repair the failure?

The competent HEDNO technician is responsible for repairing a possible failure.

Whom should I contact in case of failure?

In case of failure you should contact the failure reporting department of PPC, which is still responsible for the deployment, maintenance and smooth functioning of the distribution grid.

How is GREEN informed of the readings on my meter?

“DEI Network” is under obligation to send in the readings for each one of our customers. Your bill is settled based on these readings.

What is the procedure used for switching of supplier and transferring to the GREEN network?

The only thing you need to do to transfer to the GREEN network is to fill out the relevant electricity supply application form and attach a recent final bill from PPC /the previous supplier. There is no fee to be paid for activating the contract and no change made to the network and meter.

How can I receive detailed information about the electricity supply services and plans offered by GREEN?

You can receive detailed information about the services of GREEN at or by calling, where you may talk to one of our company’s representatives about anything that is related to the services we offer.

Would it be possible for a GREEN representative to visit me and provide me with more detailed information?

You can contact GREEN by phone or email and schedule an appointment for a more detailed presentation of the electricity supply plans available for your business. In that way ,you will be able to receive a financial offer that is customized to your personal needs.

How long does it take to switch to the new supplier?

It takes about a month to switch to the new supplier, from the time of signing the new electricity supply contract with GREEN.

Is there a fee to be paid for switching to the new supplier?

There is no fee to be paid for switching to the new supplier.

What about the guarantee I have paid to PPC?

The guarantee will be refunded by PPC. It will be offset against the last bill, which will be referred to as the closing bill. GREEN will charge the same amount as guarantee with the first bill sent to you.

Will there be a power cutoff during the procedure used to switch to the GREEN network?

There will be no power cutoff during the procedure used to switch to the GREEN network. The procedure is purely commercial in nature.