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9 Oct

GREEN actively contributes to Spetses Mini Marathon 2017

GREEN actively contributes to Spetses Mini Marathon 2017

Once again, GREEN came to the island of Spetses, honoring and supporting the athletic spirit in this great event. The 7th Spetses Mini Marathon took place οn October 6 to 8 2017 under the auspices of the Spetses Municipality and EOT. The organization of C-LAB.

Thousands of people of all ages came to Spetses from 30 different countries, in order to take part as athletes or even just to watch the running and swimming races through and around the island. High-ranking professional Greek and foreign athletes, run and swam along with amateur athletes. Additionally, racing teams were created by many companies that participated in the event. GREEN could never miss this sports event, so the GREEN team took part, not just as a supporter, but also through the GREEN running and swimming team too. GREEN team run the 5 and 10km race too, even achieving remarkable performance.

Mr. Vyron Vassiliades, CEO of GREEN and ANTIPOLLUTION, after taking part in the 10km run, with the GREEN team, he awarded the medals to the great winners of many different categories during the awards event in a celebratory atmosphere.

GREEN had an exhibitor’s stand, where locals and visitors could be informed on GREEN’s services and special offers, by the company’s representatives and they were also offered many presents. Additionnaly, a special competition was organized by GREEN and a winner got a special prize, a Garmin sportwatch! 

GREEN, is active, on the side of the athletes and the island residends.