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13 Oct

GREEN makes sure our forests remain green

GREEN makes sure our forests remain green
GREEN, recognizing its responsibility towards the society, aims to the improvement of our life through the decrease of our energy needs, but also to a safe future environment.
However, its work doesn’t stop there. GREEN has established partnerships with nonprofit organizations and voluntary associations addressing humanitarian needs as well as protecting the environment. "Desmos" is a non profit organization that has performed outstanding work and brought E.DAS.A.’s needs to GREEN’s attention.
The Forest Fire Protection Volunteers of Attica (E.DAS.A.) is one of the organizations that have important activity, with great impact regarding the protection of our forests. Through its cooperation with the Greek Fire Service, the Civil Protection, as well other local and national organizations, they protect the environment and particularly the forests of Attiki.
GREEN in cooperation with Desmos delivered to E.DAS.A. a wide range of necessary special fire-fighting equipment, materials for the protection of volunteers, as well as materials for educational and organizational purposes, in order to help the volunteers’ work.
GREEN’s goal is to ameliorate the circumstances under which the volunteers work, as well as to contribute to the reduction of the risks that lurk, both for volunteers and for the environment.
GREEN is always active on our side, aiming for a green environment for all of us!