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8 Nov

GREEN participated in Deree Career Days

GREEN participated in Deree Career Days
GREEN participated, one again year, at Career Days held by Deere College. This year, the event took place on 3-8 November and the participating companies from various industries exceeded the number of 100. 
GREEN met students and graduates and shared their dreams through discussions about the energy industry and their career future.
The energy industry and GREEN's course have been of great interest to young people since it is a new professional horizon for Greek economy, which already plays a very important role in the careers of many young professionals.
GREEN is made up of young people who have a vision to change the world of energy. Thus, GREEN recognizes the importance of training throughout the career path of every young person, as well as the interactive contact with leading companies in order to choose the professional path that suits each aspiring professional. 
GREEN is active on the side of young people.