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26 Sep

GREEN SA as a founding member of Hellenic Association of Energy Trading and Supply

GREEN SA as a founding member of Hellenic Association of Energy Trading and Supply


The HELLENIC ASSOCIATION OF ENERGY TRADING & SUPPLY (E.S.E.P.I.E.) was established with the aim to contribute to the development and strengthening of a collective dialogue in thr Greek electricity market.


The companies which are members, joined forces with a vision to contribute to the efforts being made to develop the energy market, so that this very crucial and important industry sector can be modernized and developed effectively, in order to satisfy the expectations and needs of society and consumers. Members of the Association are: Alpiq Energy Hellas, EFT Hellas, GEN-I Athens, GREEN, NRG Trading House, Sentrade, Volterra and WATT + VOLT.


Through activities such as the identification and promotion of issues of the Greek electricity market, monitoring, studying, analysing and making proposals on issues related to the electricity market and in particular related to trade and supply, the association E.S.E.P.I.E. aims to productively assist in the liberalization process of the electricity market, forming a reliable interlocutor between businesses, the community, policy planning bodies, scientific and research institutions and institutional stakeholders.


E.S.E.P.I.E. seeks to promote the liberalization of the Greek electricity market, according to the provisions of both the national and European law, so that end consumers and the Greek Economy as a whole enjoy better services at the most competitive prices.