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11 Feb

GREEN SA named as Ruban D'Honneur in European Business Awards

GREEN SA named as Ruban D'Honneur in European Business Awards




GREEN SA, a part of the Vassiliades group of companies, received an important distinction by being included in the list of 110 leading companies in Europe for the year 2014/5 European Business Awards sponsored by RSM.  GREEN SA is one of the 7 Greek companies which received the honorary title «Ruban d 'Honneur». More specifically, GREEN is the only Greek company which has received this title in the category «Business of the Year Award with Turnover of 26-150 million Euro», and one of the 10 companies in Europe. It is worth noting that this distinction is very important for our country and Greek entrepreneurship as the European Business Awards are a high level competition, conducted with high and strict standards at European level.


The jury, consisting of important European businessmen, academics and opinion leaders, distinguished the 110 best companies not only for their business excellence, but also for their dynamism, philosophy and culture. These companies were chosen based on a video that they prepared and uploaded to the website of the European Business Awards, but also on the written replies they provided during the first phase of the competition.