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18 Oct

GREEN SA participated in Deree Career Days 2014

GREEN SA participated in Deree Career Days 2014


GREEN SA participated for a second year in a row in the Career Days fair, organized by Deere College. At this year’s event, which took place between October 14-16, 56 world-leading companies from various sectors visited the campus to connect with over 250 participating students and to explore recruiting opportunities through short interviews with them.

During the first day, students had the opportunity to participate in workshops and gain knowledge of the tools and competencies that will help them stand out in today’s highly competitive job market: interactive exercises, tips on building an interesting resume and advice on performing well on an interview. ACG alumni who maintain leading positions in the business world and students who have interned with multinational companies through the Internship Program, shared their interesting views and experiences with the audience.


During the second and third days, students actually had the chance to practice what they learned, in interview sessions with representatives and human resource managers from leading companies.


It is worth mentioning that Green SA, also supports the Deere Scholarship Program.