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9 Jun

Sponsorship cooperation with AEK FC

Sponsorship cooperation with AEK FC

GREEN S.A. is pleased to announce the launch of the sponsorship cooperation with AEK FC. Our company will be the Official Supplier of the team for the season 2016-2017.

On the occasion of the cooperation, the Commercial Director of AEK Mr. Nikos Karaouzas stated: "With great joy we welcome GREEN in our sponsoring family, which is one of the leading electricity supply companies in Greece, and we look forward to a cooperation with mutual welfares and significant benefits to our fans. In the following days we will be in the position to announce more details”

GREEN’s Commercial Manager Mr. Vasilis Pakas stated: "We are delighted about the new partnership with AEK FC. GREEN supports a competitive team which sets and achieve high goals. The benefits coming of such cooperation are important for both parties, and for the team's fans too. We wish a brilliant start and good luck to the team for the new season".