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18 Nov ''Προβάδισμα στον αγώνα της ενέργειας για την GREEN Α.Ε.'' ''Προβάδισμα στον αγώνα της ενέργειας για την GREEN Α.Ε.''



The companies which are active in the supply of electric energy today in Greece, have entered in the race for the most economical invoice, both with regard to commercial, industrial and domestic consumers.

In particular, using as an example the consumption of 3,000 kwh over a period of 4 months for a G21 invoice with 25kwa force, the ranking of the energy companies is as follows:

Green S.A. 497.98 EUR

Watt 508.33 EUR

Heron 518.16 euro

The differences in charges are similar also when comparing the remaining categories of invoices.


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