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Power Trading

GREEN trades in electricity in the wider Southeastern Europe area. Under the Electricity Trading License for 200 MW that GREEN owns for the Greek region, power trading includes imports, exports and transit of electricity between the Greek electricity system with the neighboring countries of Italy, Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Turkey. In recent years the company has achieved considerable growth both in terms of energy quantities that GREEN markets and the overall business activity in the specific field.

Following its inclusion in the Italian Power Exchange (GME), GREEN is able to import and export electricity in the interconnection of Greece-Italy on a daily, monthly and annual basis.

By acquiring Electricity Trading Licenses in Bulgaria, Hungary and Slovenia, GREEN may obtain energy at the most competitive prices to serve customers in the specific area of interest. In addition, GREEN has also expanded its activities in Macedonia, Albania, Serbia and Montenegro through strategic partnerships.

GREEN is registered at auction operators electricity SEE Common Allocation Office traffic rights (CAO) and Joint Allocation Office (JAO) and is able to participate in daily, monthly and annual transfer concession auctions.

In the near future, GREEN aims to expand its partner network and increase its activity, while working with the most reliable and flexible way to the benefit of its customers and suppliers.


GREEN carries out exchanges on a daily basis on the following energy stock markets

  • ΛΑΓΗΕ - Ελλάδα
  • OPCOM - Ρουμανία
  • BSP South Pool – Σλοβενία
  • EPEX – Γερμανία
  • GME - Ιταλία
  • EXAA - Austria
  • PMUM - Turkey