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GREEN Home is addressed to residential consumers with daytime consumption who wish to reduce their energy bills.


Choose GREEN Home to enjoy:

  • Transparent, simple tariffs
  • No fixed charge
  • Clear terms
  • Personalized customer service
  • There are no extra charges, activation fees or technical interference with the network and metre infrastructure for end consumers, upon switching to the GREEN Network

Switch to a different supplier, choose GREEN

If you wish to switch to a different electricity supplier and join GREEN you can contact our call center and we will undertake all further actions necessary.

The procedure followed is outlined below:

  1. Send us your request to change electricity provider
  2. Send us via fax or e-mail the following supporting documents:
    • your ID card
    • latest electricity bill
  3. In case of a swift in the owner’s name, send us also a lease agreement with the details of the new user of the supply line or the E9 document
  4. A courier company will visit you free of charge to provide you with the electricity application form
  5. Sign all the pages of the application form

Fill in the Electricity Supply Application Form (see here)

Service Documents