A new era for the energy sector begins

GREEN, a member of the Environmental and Energy Group V GROUP, already dynamically active in the RES sector, and the leading energy production and supply group HERON, a member of GEK TERNA Group, are joining forces to offer economically-priced and ‘green’ electricity, ensuring stability in energy costs for the final consumer.

By signing a Long-Term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with a total installed capacity of 9 MW per year and a duration of 12 years, GREEN and HERON are able to create a substantial competitive advantage for energy consumers – individuals, commercial enterprises and industries – as the supply of electricity will now be at a long-term stable price, significantly lower than the high costs prevailing in the market.

In addition, the fact that the energy mix is derived from Renewable Energy Sources (RES) allows final consumers to have direct access to green energy, reducing their environmental footprint while directly contributing to the energy transition and achievement of sustainable development goals. This agreement is the start of a series of partnerships between the two companies that aim to change the country’s energy map.

The HERON Group has been a benchmark in the energy sector for the last few years. Through its strategic partnerships and Long-Term Power Purchase Agreements, it has been at the forefront in addressing the rising energy costs. Indeed, HERON has already entered into significant partnerships for the supply of electricity to large consumers, including industries and commercial chains, gaining a leading position in this market. The cooperation with GREEN is further proof of the practical support of Greek businesses, but also of the further penetration of RES in domestic energy production.

More specifically, V GROUP has made a series of major investments in renewable energy sources, increasing their participation in domestic consumption, saving energy for the final consumer, as well as enhancing the security of the country’s energy supply. GREEN, as the energy sector of V GROUP, implements major projects in the fields of renewable energy, electricity storage, as well as green technology, which promote the transition to clean energy and environmental protection. In this way, it promotes sustainability in practice, acting as a partner who contributes to the uninterrupted business operation of its partners, with respect and responsibility towards the planet, the market and society.

Ms. Angeliki Dalla, CEO of GREEN, said: “We are enthusiastic about joining forces with HERON ENERGY to take a step towards redefining Greece’s energy future. This partnership is a major milestone in the energy sector, taking into account both environmental protection and the interests of the final consumer. At the same time, it contributes to the diversification of the national energy mix, as well as to enhancing the security of energy supply and the national economy“.

Mr. Loukas Dimitriou, General Manager of the HERON Group, said, “With the HERON-GREEN partnership, we are launching a new era for the energy sector in our country. In fact, we are setting in motion a mechanism that can work for the benefit of both the final consumer in terms of prices and the protection of the environment, given the significant utilization of RES. We are optimistic that GREEN’s example will soon be followed by other companies“.

*(from left to right) Loukas Dimitriou – Managing Director of HERON Group, Vyron Vasileiadis – Chairman of V GROUP, Georgios Kouvaris – Chairman of the Board of Directors of HERON Group and Angeliki Dalla – CEO of GREEN, at the signing of the pioneering and innovative Long Term Power Purchase Agreement, which launches a new era for the energy sector in Greece.