V Group’s Energy Sector has successfully achieved an important strategic goal by obtaining two (2) licenses for electric energy storage, totaling 100 MW/300 MWh each, as of February 2023.

In particular, the environmental licensing for these units was completed within the first quarter of the current year. The necessary documentation was submitted to the Administrator (RAE) to secure the Connection Terms. Currently, we are analyzing the parameters of the announcement under decision no. E-45/2023/17.06.23 for the 1st Storage Competition. This analysis aims to shape the licensing approach of Green.

The completion of the licensing process signifies the initiation of our involvement in this crucial technological sector. It is expected to substantially contribute to the country’s energy self-sufficiency and promote the role of renewable energy sources.

Energy storage units play a vital role in enhancing the integration of renewable energy sources into the power grid. They ensure the absorption of “green” energy during periods of low demand and provide coverage during times of low renewable energy production.

Our objective is to maximize the utilization of Green’s portfolio capabilities and further develop it. This development will align with the strategic goals of the V Group, elevating the company’s objectives accordingly.