Corporate Social Responsibility

As a developer and owner of renewable assets sustainability is at the core of GREEN’s business. Our purpose is to provide renewable energy for future generations and thus we are committed to and dependent on operating our business in a sustainable manner.

The pace of society evolution!

As society changes, so do its needs. The fast pace with which these changes arise means we are continuously challenging ourselves, companies, governments, and society. We are at a critical time, in a critical decade. There is an urgency to find a more sustainable path towards what is being called a net-zero future.

Building a sustainable path means continuously looking for solutions to address new challenges as they emerge, including the greatest challenge of all ̶ delivering more energy to a growing society while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Transformation with responsibility

GREEN’s purpose is clear and is reflected in its sustainability journey ̶ regenerating the future and the portfolio of energy it produces and sells.

The Company’s goal is to be both dynamic ̶ providing innovative clean energy solutions ̶ and caring ̶ for the people and the planet. This double goal equally addresses GREEN’s aim to continuously create long-term value and to develop profitable and more sustainable businesses.

To deliver on its goal GREEN engages in being transformative as it navigates the transition, exploring exponential technologies and new energies, while also being responsible. GREEN’s ethical and responsible performance focuses essentially on four foundations:

  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Place people at the center
  • Reduce the ecological footprint
  • Develop a conscious business.


Our company stands among the pioneers of environmental protection services and has
prioritized the counterbalance of carbon dioxide emissions produced by our activities and
operating facilities. We calculate the quantities of carbon dioxide emitted by our activities and
facilities annually, using independent evaluators to verify their legitimacy and then offset these
emissions in order to eliminate our carbon footprint.