Sustainability Report 2020

We proudly present V Group’s Sustainability Report for 2020 that highlights our approach to sustainable development, performance, priorities, and objectives for the coming years.

We, at Greek Environmental & Energy Network S.A. – GREEN, member of V Group, are fully committed to continuously contribute to a positive change and address longer-term challenges by keeping our approach to sustainability at the heart of the way we do business.


Corporate Social Responsibility

According to the Green Paper on Corporate Social Responsibility, which has been adopted by the European Commission  in July 2001 “Corporate Social Responsibility is a concept under which companies integrate voluntary social and environmental concerns in their business operations and in their interaction with other stakeholders, and they understand that responsible behavior leads to sustainable business success. ” (Source: Greek Network for Corporate Social Responsibility)

We are aware of our responsibility to humankind and to society, and therefore corporate responsibility is an integral part of our strategic planning. GREEN contributes practically towards a better society and a cleaner environment.

In particular, our company focuses on:

  •  supporting vulnerable social groups
  •  supporting institutions and charities
  •  creating new jobs, thus providing young people with employment opportunities
  •  providing its staff with ongoing training by organising special seminars
  •  improving, in cooperation with NGOs and public and private sector bodies, the quality of life of vulnerable social groups and providing them with support
  •  participating in recycling programs
  •  supporting university research programs
  •  participating in the granting of scholarships to students
  •  supporting bodies for strengthening culture, sports and the environment
  •  organising voluntary actions for the company’s staff to clean beaches and forests.