Quality Policy
ISO 9001:2015

Our Company, “GREEK ENVIRONMENTAL & ENERGY NETWORK SA” holds the necessary licenses to operate in the following sectors:
– Electricity Trading
– Electricity Supply
The Quality Policy of the Company is determined by the Management, which is committed for its implementation only in the processes that are related to the Electricity Trading. For the implementation of the Quality Policy all employees act under the following guidelines:
Absolute compliance with the provisions of current Greek legislation, as well as with other compliance requirements that are deriving from the operation of the Company
Services Provision with:
1. Strict observance of the terms agreed with the customer
2. Exclusive cooperation with evaluated and approved suppliers and partners
3. Evaluation of staff performance
4. Encouragement for good cooperation climate
Emphasis is given on the human factor. In addition, for the avoidance of any accident, our primary concern is:
1. Staff health and safety
2. Facility safety
Provision of all necessary resources and means by:
1. Continuous information, training and awareness of its employees.
Communication with all competent bodies and stakeholders and communication on our Quality Policy.
Dealing with threats and taking advantage of opportunities related to its proper and effective operation.
Taking actions and measures for the prevention of occurrence of non-conformities.
Continuous control of the implementation of all processes that ensure the continuous improvement of its corporate operation and Quality Management System.
The company has identified the internal and external parameters that are related to its purpose and strategy. The company understands the needs and expectations of all concerned parties, supports and communicates the goals to its employees while promotes their participation in Management System issues.
The Company sets for achievement individual objectives and goals, which are measurable and achievable. These goals and objectives are evaluated annually in terms of their effectiveness and reviewed as necessary. This Policy is available to anyone interested on the GREEN website.

Christos Vassileiou/CEO
Piraeus, 24/02/2020

Certificate of Approval BS EN ISO 9001:2015