What we do

GREEN is trading power all across SEE. In recent years, our company a has achieved considerable growth, both in terms of volumes that GREEN trades as well as the overall business development in regional power trading sector.

GREEN trades electricity in Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Albania, Turkey, Serbia, Montenegro, Hungary, Romania, Bosnia Herzegovina and Slovenia.

Through establishment of GREEN Energy Trading DOOEL Skopje, GREEN Energy Trading DOO Beograd and GREEN Energy Trading Albania Shpk, GREEN created a network of power trading entities to expand its activity in SEE energy markets.

On a daily basis we are trading power in the Hellenic Energy Exchange (HENEX), the Italian Power Exchange (IPEX) and the Hungarian Power Exchange (HUPX).

We are registered at South East Europe Common Allocation Office (SEECAO) as well as Joint Allocation Office (JAO) and participates in daily, monthly and yearly auctions for the allocation of Cross Border Capacities.

Looking into our future development, we focus on expanding GREEN’s network, increase GREEN’s partnerships, while working on the most reliable and flexible way to benefit our customers & suppliers.