Renewable Energy Activity Areas

One of our key goals is to create assets for the greater good and minimize our carbon footprint.

Wind Power

We believe in the power of the wind to ensure a more sustainable future. Therefore, in the field of wind energy we have developed two wind farms in Greece with a total nominal capacity of 4.7 MW.

Solar Photovoltaic Energy

We execute solar power projects in Greece. Our existing portfolio of solar power plants in Greece is 7.5 MW. Last year, our solar power plants produced 8.82 GWh of electricity.

O&M of Renewable Assets

GREEN plans to carry out operation and maintenance services for renewable energy assets, combining prevention and status prediction of its own assets in operation.

New Energy Solutions

Power resilience for a net zero world. The increase in renewable generation and the focus on achieving net zero carbon is making Battery Energy Storage an essential technology for all commercial and industrial organizations. In this respect, we have already licensed 100MW BESS. Additional energy projects are to come.

PPAs of 100 % Clean Energy

We assist our partners in reducing their carbon footprint through the supply of 100% certified renewable energy via VPPA and CPPA.