For the 6th consecutive year, V Group has achieved net zero across all its companies, including Green. Guided by our strategy for sustainable development and designed in compliance with the Paris Agreement and the European Green Agreement, our 2021 carbon footprint has been certified and all air emissions offset.

V Group continues to honour its commitment to promote green energy and reduce its carbon footprint by implementing measures to further reduce energy and fuel consumption, as well as initiating renewable energy projects.

An early pioneer in the fight against climate change, the Group has this year invested in a hydroelectric project in the suburb of Gansu in China, with net electricity generated of more than 195GWh, contributing to a total saving of 170,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions.

‘We are among the pioneering Greek Groups that, in addition to their contractual obligations, adopt the practice of accounting and offsetting the CO2 emissions produced by their activities, true to our commitment to address climate change and our vision for a sustainable future. Employees, as well as the Group’s partners and customers, but also the wider civil society, have increased expectations from companies operating in the field of environmental protection and it is always a pleasure and an honour for us to justify these expectations and to lead the way towards change and sustainability through our strategic decisions.’  Natassa Triantafyllidou, Climate Change & Sustainability Manager, V Group.