The development and implementation of photovoltaic projects that strengthen Green’s portfolio and contribute to the growth of renewable energy production are currently experiencing significant advancements.

The construction of a 9 MW project in Sofades, Karditsa, was successfully concluded within the predetermined timeline set by the technical team, with the readiness declaration already achieved in December 2022. Currently, eight out of the nine stations have been connected to the grid, and seven of them have been handed over to “Heron”, as per the signed Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

Delivering this meticulously executed project holds immense importance for us as it marks one of the initial substantial steps in the new direction paved by V Group’s energy sector through Green.

Another noteworthy accomplishment is the acceptance of the Grid Connection Terms granted by the TSO for the 35.06 MW project in Skopia, Farsala, encompassing four adjacent photovoltaic stations, since August 2022. Our company’s objective now focuses on gathering proposals for the construction of these stations, along with finalizing the required PPA.

Lastly, a significant development pertains to acquiring Connection Terms for the Photovoltaic Energy Convergence Station, with a capacity of 170.64 kW, intended for VEN Engineering’s Hazardous Waste Management Unit, located in Ritsona, Evia. Green will dedicate considerable effort to this project, which aligns with our management’s strategy and goals of supporting the “green transition,” addressing climate crisis, and promoting sustainable development.